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We have brand new display packs available for indie bookshops! If you’d like to order a POS pack for your shop, please click on the relevant button below to email us on POS for titles that are not yet published will be dispatched just before the book’s release date. Once it’s gone its gone!

Coming Soon: 2024 pre-order POS packs

The Mystery Guest standees, bookmarks, bunting and badges

The Beholders posters, standees and bookmarks

The Queen of Poisons posters, bookmarks and bunting

Time Travelling with a Tortoise bookmarks

Godkiller bookmarks, standees and bunting

Faebound bookmarks

Murray and Bun bookmarks, stickers and character standees

Meet Me At The Surface standees, bunting and bookmarks

Jonathan Abernathy You Are Kind posters and bookmarks

Remember, Remember postcards, standees and bookmarks

The Walnut Tree posters and bookmarks

A Brief History of the Countryside in 100 Objects postcards

The Murder After the Night Before posters and bookmarks

The Murder After the Night Before standees and badges

A Bookshop of One’s Own bookmarks and stickers

A Bookshop of One’s Own pin badges, pencils and book-shaped erasers

Still Available

Hercule Poirot’s Silent Night standees and posters

The Tatami Time Machine Blues bookmarks

Begin Again postcards available

Wandering Souls postcards, standees and bookmarks available

The Book of Beginnings POS pack includes bookmarks, bunting and posters

The Scarlet Veil bookmarks available

Peter Kay’s T.V. tote bags and t-shirts available

The Magic Border POS pack includes: bookmarks, postcards and stickers (tote bags sold out)

Vagabonds! bookmarks available

One Blood POS pack includes: A4 art prints and bookmarks

Marple POS pack includes: posters, bookmarks, postcard sets and Marple magazines

A Lady’s Guide to Scandal POS pack includes: standees and bookmarks

Mama’s Sleeping Scarf art prints available

Double or Nothing bookmarks available

Serpent & Dove bookmarks available

The Book Eaters bookmarks available