The Ladder by Cathy Newman

The Ladder brings together discussions between women – about work, love, growth, challenge, the big decisions and the stories of their lives Read More

How to Raise a Viking by Helen Russell

Refreshingly funny and unfailingly optimistic about the new generation of humans growing up in the world right now, this is a heart-warming love letter to Russell’s adopted homeland and proof that we could all use a bit more Viking in our lives Read More

The Walnut Tree by Kate Morgan

Exploring the 19th- and early 20th Century legal history that influenced the modern-day stances on issues such as domestic abuse, sexual violence and divorce, The Walnut Tree lifts the lid on the shocking history of women under British law – and what it means for women today. Read More

When She’s in the Room by Edwina Dunn

We have heard of the hidden ways in which women are forgotten, unseen, overlooked, and the profound impact this has on us all. Now Edwina Dunn reveals what needs to happen in ourselves, our communities, and workplace to see lasting change. Read More

Paranoia by Daniel Freeman

Daniel Freeman, a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Oxford, shows how suspicion is rife, how conspiracy theories circulate like never before and how all too often emotion trumps evidence. This book is a shocking expose of the extreme levels of mistrust in our society. Read More

The Showman by Simon Shuster

The Showman, as a work of eyewitness journalism, provides an essential perspective on the war defining our age. As a study in leadership and human resolve, its appeal is timeless and universal. Read More

Hardy Women by Paula Byrne

A unique angle on one of the greatest writers: Thomas Hardy's story told through the eyes of the women around him, drawing on his extensive correspondence, memoirs, newspaper stories and the novels themselves Read More

To The City by Alexander Christie-Miller

Walking along the crumbling defensive walls of Istanbul and talking to those he passes, Alexander Christie-Miller finds a distillation of the country’s history, a mirror of its present, and a shadow of its future. Read More

Survivors by Hannah Durkin

This is an immersive and revelatory history of the survivors of the Clotilda, the last ship of the Atlantic slave trade, whose lives diverged and intersected in profound ways. Read More