The Last Life of Lori Mills by Max Boucherat

Gaming, adventure and an incredible friendship combine in this one-of-a-kind, heart-pounding, spine-tingling adventure that takes place in the space of a single night. Eerie, exciting, funny and deeply moving, THE LAST LIFE OF LORI MILLS is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Eleven-year-old Lori is home alone for the first time in her life, and she’s immediately done all the things she’s TOTALLY NOT allowed to do:

  1. Turned the heating up to the max.
  2. Built a GIANT blanket fort in the living room.
  3. Switched on Voxminer, aka the greatest game in the history
    of the universe.

But quickly, Lori realises something is wrong. She can hear strange whispers coming from the screen – and soon, they’re in the house with her. Could it be Voxminer’s most terrifying legend: Shade Girl?

Trapped in her home as the doors and windows start to vanish and her phone goes dead, Lori must use all her bravery, wits, gaming skills – and the love and deep bond she shares with her BFF, Shoelace – to survive until Mum gets home…

A unique and unforgettable read that’s perfect for fans of Jennifer Killick, Christopher Edge, Minecraft and Stranger Things.

4 July 2024 | PB | 9780008666484 | £7.99

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