Pinch Perkins and the Midsummer Curse by Cathy FitzGerald

A magical, action-packed adventure, new for 2024 for 9+ fans of Enola Holmes and Terry Pratchett!

Midsummer’s Eve is about to get a whole lot more magical!

Someone is misusing magic. Curses have been cast and terrifying creatures are on the move . . .

Twelve-year-old Pinch Perkins lives on Tricky Dragon Lane, deep in the heart of London’s magical quarter. But when her mum is struck by a curse, and nobody seems to have a clue what to do, Pinch knows it’s down to her to find a cure.

Racing the clock on Midsummer’s Eve, Pinch will face the terrifying boss of the Thames Mudlarks, dance with the devious fairy king and queen and share a burger with King Arthur’s knights . . . all while trying to avoid the clutches of two fearsome villains out to SQUISH her!

06 Jun 2024 | PB | 9780008603373 | £7.99

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