Gone to Pieces by Rachel Cosyns

A crushingly funny and poignant debut, perfect for fans of Sorrow and Bliss

There are three things I have to do this year. Just three. All the other things don’t matter.

  • Learn to drive on motorways.
  • Use above skill to run away to France.
  • Begin new life in France under assumed name.
    Rebecca is a wife, mother and the author of an unmanageable number of to do lists.

Her attempts to coerce her life into something she has any hope of controlling are failing. Her family can’t manage without her but she’s starting to think they should. So she makes a decision. Only it doesn’t quite go to plan.

Rebecca finds herself in therapy with a doctor poking around in her brain, asking questions about her childhood. She wants to get better but that means telling someone how she feels. How she really feels.

She’s gone to pieces. Can she put herself back together?

09 May 2024 | PB | 9780008550912 | £9.99

If you’re an independent bookseller in the UK or Ireland and you’d like an advance reading copy of Gone to Pieces send your request, along with your name and bookshop address, to the IndieThinking team on independentthinking@harpercollins.co.uk

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