Paranoia by Daniel Freeman

With stories ranging from patients with the most extreme forms of mistrust to people with more everyday anxieties, this book will change the way we think about paranoia.

In Paranoia, Daniel Freeman, a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Oxford, shows how suspicion is rife, how conspiracy theories circulate like never before and how all too often emotion trumps evidence. This book is a shocking expose of the extreme levels of mistrust in our society.

For fans of Quiet, Why We Sleep and It’s All in Your Head, this highly innovative book uses case studies and new science to examine paranoia: how it forms, how it can be linked to trauma, to sleep, to conspiracy beliefs and relationships with authority and other people – and its wider, subtle effects on us as a society.

Leaning on his expertise, Freeman shows us how we can measure our own levels of mistrust. He explains how we can remedy things if that level is higher than we’d like, because although mistrust can seem engrained, things can change for the better. Ultimately, it can be overcome.

01 February 2024 | HB | 9780008472580 | £25

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