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Vagabonds! by Eloghosa Osunde

November 10, 2021

VAGABONDS! is a tumultuous and unexpectedly joyous novel of oppression and defiance among the people and spirits of Lagos.

‘Some of the most spectacular writing I’ve ever encountered in my life … VAGABONDS! brought me to tears’ Akwaeke Emezi

Lagos is a city for all . . . you share this place with flesh and not-flesh, and it’s just as much their city as it is yours.

Èkó, the spirit of Lagos, and his loyal minion named Tatafo weave trouble through the streets of Lagos and through the lives of the ‘vagabonds’ powering modern Nigeria: the unseen, the displaced, queer people, unloved women and children. In this world, women slip in and out of their bodies and their skins, men lose their heads and their souls; they all draw in the city’s chaotic, dark energy and breathe it back out again, creating new ways of living in the process.

VAGABONDS! is inspired by the real, legal definition of ‘vagabonds’ found in Nigeria’s Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act and is a tribute to all those who live their lives joyfully and unabashedly in the face of the hypocrisy of the law. It is a sharp stick poking at modern Nigerian capitalism and corruption. Most of all, it is a celebration of queerness in all its forms.

Published 31st March 2022 | Hardback | 9780008498016 | RRP £14.99

If you’re a bookseller in the UK or Ireland and you’d like an advance reading copy of Vagabonds! please send your request, along with your name and bookshop address, to Ammara at

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