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Everything is Under Control by Phyllis Grant

February 21, 2020

Everything is Under Control is a pitch-perfect memoir by award-winning food writer Phyllis Grant.

Everything Is Under Control is a memoir about appetite – as it comes, goes, and refocuses its object of desire. With sparse, affecting prose, and an unsparing eye toward her, and her environment’s, darkest corners, Grant’s story follows the sometimes smooth, sometimes jagged, always revealing contours of her life: from her days as a dancer struggling to find her place at Juilliard, to her experiences in and out of four-star kitchens in New York City, to falling in love with her future husband and leaving for California where her children are born. All the while, a sense of longing roils in each stage as she moves through the headspace of a young woman longing to be sustained by a city, to a mother now sustaining a family herself.

Evocative and deeply moving, Everything Is Under Control is unputdownable, written as a series of vignettes about adulthood, motherhood, self-discovery and a life in the kitchen.

Published 11th June 2020 | Hardback | 9780008338978 | RRP £12.99

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