On Railways – A letter from Julian Holland

September 2, 2019

The Times Golden Years of Rail Travel

3rd October 2019




RRP £30

Celebrate the heyday of passenger rail travel around Britain with this beautiful Times railway book. The perfect gift for any railway enthusiasts this Christmas.

Take a journey back to the boom time for Britain’s railways, through a unique collection of fascinating stories, photographs, posters and railway ephemera.

Leading railway author Julian Holland tells the story of an evocative period in Britain’s railway history – gone forever but never forgotten.

Explore a century of rail travel in Britain, covering:
• Late 19th century to 1922. The zenith of Britain’s railways, with 120 companies operating
• 1923 to 1947. Railway companies are grouped into the ‘Big Four’
• 1948 to 1994. Nationalization heralds the era of British Railways


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