Children’s Books designer Sean on designing the cover for Starfell

April 26, 2019

In designing a cover and series look for Starfell, I wanted to really capture a sense of the reader really feeling like they were stepping into the world Wiperia. After trying out a few ideas, I settled on the star frame device that would frame the artwork on Willow Moss and the lost Day and the following titles to come, and act as a window into the world of Starfell, as well as a bold brand statement on each cover in the series.

When it came to briefing Sarah Warburton I wanted her capture all of the feelings that come with setting off an epic adventure –  a sense of wonder, excitement, curiosity with a touch of danger. The charm and vibrancy of her illustrations brought Willow and Wisperia to life in a unique way that I could have only hoped for, setting the perfect tone for the incredible and enchanting adventure ahead. Working on Starfell and collaborating with Sarah has been a total joy from the moment I got the brief for the cover, and I can’t wait to get started on working on its sequel.

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Published 2nd May 2019 | Hardback | RRP £12.99



Dominique Valente


Illustrated by Sarah Warburton


2nd May 2019




HarperCollins Children’s Books




RRP £12.99


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