On Scrabble – Former World Scrabble Champion Brett Smitheram on Collins Official Scrabble Words

April 18, 2019

One minute you’re on top of the world, the next you are falling into a chasm of despair. Many things can take you on such a roller coaster ride of emotion, but few are so personal as a game of Scrabble when your opponent has just blocked your 50-point Z play with “IT” for 5.

With the publication of the hotly-awaited Collins Official Scrabble Words 2019 comes a whole array of new tools to employ in your quest for board domination. Almost 3000 new lexical gems between 2 and 8 letters in length (the most useful lengths of words in the competitive game) have been included in this recent edition to reflect the constant evolution of the English language. Ever seen a FATBERG? EW!

With a new edition published every 4 years, Collins Official Scrabble Words is always the instant must-have among keen Scrabble players when it is released. For people like me playing at the very top of the game and aspiring to never miss a point, the idea of another word wizard being able to cast a spell(…ing) we don’t already have in our repertoire is unthinkable. This time around in particular, the additions of short words like OK (the only two letter word ending in K), ZE (joining ZA and ZO) and EW will transform the game strategically and bring a whole new dimension to play. Leviathans like HACKERAZZO lurk among its pages too, waiting to be fished up in a magical moment of brilliance that will be talked about for years to come…

Forgive my UNCANDOR BLUD, but YOWZA I’m a WORDIE…and thanks to this new book, I can write that sentence with my Scrabble purity intact!

Collins Official Scrabble Words

2nd May 2019




RRP £19.99

The Collins Scrabble Dictionary new edition is fully updated to include all valid words between 2 and 9 letters in length from the latest official Scrabble word list, and allows players to settle disputes over the eligibility of words.

This book includes all playable words of two to nine letters in length, in one easy-to-follow straight alphabetical list.

The short definitions, given for every main word listed, have been updated for this new edition, and allow players to check meanings of words without having to consult a second dictionary.

Collins Scrabble dictionaries are endorsed by Mattel and are an essential reference for all Scrabble players.

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