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The Most Difficult Thing by Charlotte Philby

February 18, 2019

How do you know who’s on your side, if you don’t know whose side you’re on?

“I thought it would really take something to kiss my children goodbye one morning and walk out the front door, knowing I wouldn’t be back. But in the end, it was simple. The door had already been opened; all I had to do was walk.”

David is the heir to global company TradeSmart, run by his philanthropic father Clive Witherall.

Meg is an ambitious intern at a national newspaper, determined to break into the media world.

Anna is hiding a dark secret, desperately clinging onto her new identity.

When the three friends meet Harry, everything changes…

As Anna finds herself drawn into the dark and highly controlled world of espionage, she is forced to question everything she thought she knew about the people who have recruited her – and about herself.

The Most Difficult Thing is an irresistible combination of contemporary espionage and domestic suspense, set between London, the Maldives and the Greek islands.

A stylish and assured debut from the granddaughter of Kim Philby, Britain’s most famous communist double-agent, it leaves the reader questioning who they should trust, right to the very last page.

Published 11th July 2019 | Hardback | 9780008326982 | RRP £12.99

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