On Adventure – John Bond on writing Mini Rabbit Not Lost

January 31, 2019

‘Mini Rabbit is a bit like an animal representation of myself when I was a child’

Mini Rabbit was created during a series of self-initiated illustrations, back in 2015. I was having fun experimenting in Photoshop, merging photographic textures with digital painting techniques and started to develop these atmospheric, gritty landscapes. The scenes were crying out for a character – so I created Mini Rabbit. A bold, simple, graphic figure who would contrast with the grain of these backgrounds.

Each scenario became another little snippet into an unknown narrative. The sense of mystery surrounding Mini Rabbit was engaging and it raised questions about where he was going and why. Mini Rabbit just became this intrepid explorer. I would start to place him in a variety of beautiful and harsh environments, trying to balance idyllic charm with an underlying sense of danger. He could appear vulnerable, but remain unphased by his surroundings.

My own escapades as a child were full of exploration, discovery, fear, excitement and sometimes isolation. Quite often peppered with some potentially perilous situations. Clambering around on hazardous obstacles in the farmyard or digging underground dens that could easily have buried us alive.

Essentially, Mini Rabbit is a bit like an animal representation of myself when I was a child. A highly inquisitive, persistent, stubborn little character – who is quite easily distracted – but who knows what he wants. Out for an adventure, without worrying about consequence. But behind this ignorance, Mini Rabbit is a rather sensitive, selfless and quite lonely creature.

He was clearly on a journey. Rambling freely, looking for something and somehow managing to stay alive. But I never really considered where it was going. That is, until I was asked to write this first book. Mini Rabbit – Not Lost is a story that reflects my own childhood sense of adventure, combined with the more recent experience in having children of my own.

– John Bond

Mini Rabbit – Not Lost

John Bond, Illustrated by John Bond

Out Now


HarperCollins Children’s Books


RRP £6.99

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