The HarperCollins Literacy Project Grants for Independent Booksellers 2019

January 23, 2019

We’re delighted to launch our brand new HarperCollins Literacy Project Grants for independent booksellers – a new grant scheme available to independent bookshops in the UK and Ireland.

The Literacy Project

In accepting his role as President of the Publishers Association in 2018, HarperCollins CEO Charlie Redmayne presented our industry with a challenge to step up and use our assets and resources to help tackle the low levels of literacy in some parts of the country that are affecting the life chances of generations
of children. Charlie launched The Literacy Project to encourage more work with communities in need.

28% of children leave primary school with below average literacy skills and as booksellers, you’ll know that many parents and carers need guidance and confidence to support early years reading. HarperCollins has begun working in Stoke and two areas of Glasgow, and with the help of the UK and Ireland’s independent booksellers we hope to broaden the reach of The Literacy Project out to many more places.

The HarperCollins Literacy Project Indie Grants

The HarperCollins Literacy Project Indie Grants will fund up to ten Literacy Project initiatives around the UK and Ireland, devised and led locally by independent bookshops. Applications are invited for projects that focus on children in the early years and at primary age. If your application is successful, you will receive up to
£2,000 funding towards your project.

All types of project will be considered and it’s your knowledge of the local community that is the key to making a difference. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective and your project can build on your bookselling skills. For example, you could suggest a link-up with a local soft play centre to give out reading goody packs, host parents and baby sessions in your bookshop, offer resources to inspire reading engagement or visit schools to read to children. HarperCollins and the National Literacy Trust will be on hand with advice to help successful applications achieve their project goals.

How to Apply


Independent bookshops can email with any questions and to request an application form and terms and conditions. Please send in all applications by 30th April 2019.

Project tips from the National Literacy Trust
To help develop your literacy project, the National Literacy Trust suggests thinking about ideas which aim to help children in the early years and at primary age in some of the following ways:

• Inspiring reading for pleasure
• Giving parents the confidence to support children
• Helping young children start school with confidence
• Creating the ideal environment for adults and children to share stories
• Offering inspiration from authors

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