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Love, and Other Things to Live For by Louise Leverett

December 6, 2018

This is an ode to modern girls

‘I don’t smoke, barely drink, have never experienced casual sex so this will be the tasting menu for new discoveries.’

Meet Jess.

Bored of bottomless brunches and swiping right, Jess is looking for something a little more from London life. After quitting law school to pursue her dreams of becoming a photographer, Jess is determined to lap up every fresh experience the city has to offer, especially when it comes to love.

Yet Jess refuses to tackle this brave new world alone.
This is a book for everyone with a girl squad or in desperate need of one. This is about women coming together to tackle today’s world, taking the hand of those either side, saying the words loudly, together…rock my tribe.

Published 18th April 2019 | Paperback | 9780008237035 | RRP £7.99

If you’re a bookseller in the UK or Ireland and you’d like an advance reading copy of Love, and Other Things to Live For, please send your request, along with your name and bookshop address, to Ammara at

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