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The Skills by Mishal Husain

July 2, 2018

From First Job to Dream Job – What Every Woman Needs to Know

What’s holding you back in the workplace?

What’s the best way to get your ideas across?

How do you overcome self-doubt, or break through to the next level?

Written by award-winning broadcaster Mishal Husain, The Skills will inspire, motivate, champion and encourage women to reach their potential by focusing on practical skills that make a difference.

Gathering together advice for women of all ages, whether they are new graduates, working mothers, or women seeking a career change, The Skills explains:

* How to present yourself to maximum effect, in person and online

* How to prepare for big moments and plan for long-term goals

* How to gain confidence and authority

* How to navigate the ups and downs of a long working life and build resilience

Drawing on Mishal’s own experience, interviews with experts and with inspirational women from Martha Lane Fox to Malala Yousafzai, The Skills will guide women towards honing the abilities they need to thrive in whatever field they choose.

Published 6th September 2018 | Hardback | 9780008220631 | RRP £16.99

If you’re a bookseller in the UK or Ireland and you’d like an advance reading copy of The Skills, please send your request, along with your name and bookshop address, to Ammara at

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