The Sandman by Lars Kepler – a letter from the editor

June 20, 2014


Lars Kepler, The Sandman, the Fire Witness, The Hynotist, Harpercollins, HarperCollins Independent Thinking, hcindy thinking, independent thinking, independent booksellers, independent bookshopsDear Independent Bookseller,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for your huge support of Lars Kepler to date. Selling close to five million copies of the Detective Inspector Joona Linna series around the world, you have been huge supporters since the beginning with the publication of The Hypnotist in 2011. It’s fantastic to see their third thriller, The Fire Witness, looking wonderfully creepy in the crime section in stores across the country.

I’m delighted to be able to share with you an advance proof copy of their fourth (and to my mind, strongest) thriller yet, The Sandman. Without wanting to spoil the plot, The Sandman revolves around Jurek Walter, a serial killer who can only be compared to Hannibal Lecter in terms of depravity and the violence of his crimes. At the end of The Fire Witness, locked in a secure facility, Jurek vowed to wreak his revenge on the man responsible for his incarceration – Joona Linna. Linna (who for me edges ever nearer to The Bridge’s Martin Rohde in this book), will need to get closer than ever to a man reputed to be Sweden’s most prolific serial killer; the man who is also responsible for the disappearance of Joona’s family.


It’s not often that I say that I was haunted by a book days after reading it – such was the terror with which I read The Sandman, I spent several days looking over my shoulder, convinced that Jurek was watching me. It’s a thriller that will get completely under your skin and one that you will read well into the early hours. Just make sure that you leave a light on.

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Sandman, Lars Kepler, Crime book, harpercollins, harpercollins independent thinking, independent thinking, hcindy thinking, independent bookshops, independent booksellersEmail to request your proof!

Don’t have nightmares,

Laura Deacon
Editor, Blue Door

The Sandman by Lars Kepler is published in August by Blue Door Books

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