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Reading Group Guide: The Skull and The Nightingale

June 26, 2013

A reading group guide for Michael Irwin’s deliciously dark tale The Skull and the Nightingale can be downloaded here

Set in England in the early 1760s, this is a tale of manipulation, sex, and seduction.

When Richard Fenwick returns to London from the Grand Tour, his wealthy godfather, James Gilbert, has an unexpected proposition. Gilbert has led a fastidious life but now in his advancing years, he feels the urge to experience, even vicariously, the extremes of human feeling—love and passion, adultery and deceit—along with something much more sinister. He has selected Fenwick to be his proxy, and his ward has no option but to accept. As the stakes continue to rise, can he escape the Faustian pact?


20 June 2013

£16.99 Hardback

Blue Door

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